KHEMMIS — Flesh To Nothing

Текст песни KHEMMIS — Flesh To Nothing
On my knees again in familiar lands
Echoes pierce the dark and to the left he stands
Open yourself to me and take the eucharist
Climbing down my throat, the snake begins to hiss

In this past I hide, still you feel me
Rings of smoke obscure my eyes
The memory, the loss and shame, don't define me
But I fear that is a lie

Lost forever in the tides
Of a voice that's calling from inside
Words are locusts, scratching out our eyes
We're bondsmen feigning freedom but ensnared

Silent passenger, he who guides my way
Chained within my mind until the end of days
No one escapes his wrath, for he is always near
Clinging to my neck, paralyzed with fear

From depths I cry, no one answers
Overtaken by the tides
Deep inside, a spark remains, growing stronger
Let the blaze consume the binds

Run away, cast off his weight
Remove the shackles
Take the reigns while I have time

This body, no longer a vessel
From flesh to scars to flesh to nothing
In his empty promise, I reject that I am broken
Make way, I have time


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