Canvas — Haunt You

Текст песни Canvas — Haunt You
Hell lives inside my head
A fire inside a tortured mind
If you could see the world through my eyes
Waiting to say my piece
To have my time
Biting my tongue till my mouth fills with blood
Just to check that I’m alive
I feel you, all the time

I watch it come into my room at night
And wrap its hands around my throat
I feel it slide into my skin and whisper
I’ll never let you go
It watches me sleep
And fills my dreams
Just like a sickness, its found a home in me
And I'm scared that this is reality

Sing me to sleep
I’m getting weak
Replace my bones with lead
And feel me sink
Into a land of make-believe
Deep inside of me
Where shadows stand in corners
And haunt you in your dreams

I feel you watch me day and night
I'm nowhere near as scared of death as I am of life
The room is getting smaller
I feel you looming over
A boy who fears the end is just around the corner


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